Woolf & Woolf Teams Up With Cal Ripken

August 14, 2013
Woolf and Woolf recently joined together with VSP, Transitions Optical and Transitions® lenses ambassador Cal Ripken, Jr. to teach children the impact of healthy vision on the field and in their everyday lives. As part of the outreach event, Dr. Howard Woolf volunteered by educating the kids about healthy vision...

We Even Treat Fuzzy Monsters!

May 24, 2013
At Woolf & Woolf, we treat all sorts of patients. And we specialize in difficult problems – even existential crises! Listen to one of our recent patients describe his experience. ...

Prescriptions For Google Glass

March 29, 2013
You may have already heard about Google Glass, which is Google's latest project. These futeristic glasses are connected to the Internet and allow you perform lots of actions, like read your Gmail, post videos to YouTube and read your Evernote -- all without having to look at a computer, tablet...


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